Commercial Loan Product Details

Commercial Property Purchase Loan product

We offer quick, easy & customised Commercial loans for individuals and Non Individuals with attractive pricing . We offers a variety of flexi-repayment options and longer tenure for enhancing loan eligibility.

We provides Commercial Loans for purchase of new and resale residential properties and Self Construction. The property could be under-construction or ready in nature.

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Basic Product Features

Your Loan would be Subject to your Income Entitlement basis your income/ age/ profile and policy of lenders for checking your entitlement please email us on or provide your contact details.

15 Years subject to your current age.

The tenure of the loan is also dependent on the profile, age at maturity of loan, depending upon the specific repayment scheme as may be opted and any other terms which may be applicable based on lenders policy

Transfer Your Loan from Higher Interest Burden to Lower Interest and further enhance your additional loan limit at Commercial Loan rate

Avail Top up Loan on your existing Commercial Loan at Commercial loan rates for repayment term of 15 years close your other shorter term and higher semi loan liabilities from it.

Repayment Feature could be through monthly equated Installments with monthly reducing structure or Interest saving option offered by selected lenders.

Simple Commercial Loan EMI Repayment Product

Simple Commercial Loan is product for availing Commercial Loan and repayment of it by paying Equated Monthly Instalment under reducing balance methodology.

Interest Saving Commercial Loan Repayment Product

This is product of Commercial Loan repayment where interest could be saved from the personal savings under interest saving repayment methodology.

Combination of Term Loan and Overdraft Facility

This is where you can avail Part Loan Under Term Loan option and remaining part under Overdraft Limit Facility.