Why us

Why Synergy?

  • Synergy has tie ups with various nationalized and private sector banks.

  • Reduces the TAT (Turn Around Time) for availing a loan

  • Synergy has various tools and methods which assist in finding the best possible option out of the variant options available in the market

  • At SFS- Customers are given the first priority even after the process of availing a loan has been completed

  • Single Contact Solution for all bank related requirements

  • Tie-up with various public and private sector banks such as HDFC, ICICI, Axis, SBI, BOB etc

  • Helps to select the best fit option that caters to customer requirements’ to maximum

  • Strong relationship with lenders because of large volumes of business

  • Team of Professionals who have got smart knowledge about the Real Estate industry


Why us

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    We pen down every customers’ requirement to the last detail.
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    We present you with an array of options available in the financial market.
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    We use the best of methods and tools to derive the best options among all others.
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    We accommodate our customers’ interests to the best suitable option in the market.
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    Our influence with lenders, help us provide the best pricing for our customers.
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    On services front, we work closely with our in-house sales, support and process team to serve you better, not only at the time of availing the loan but also after the process.

This is how we create a win-win for all our customers, lenders and clients alike.

We consider the following factors to derive the best options for you:
  • Maximum Loan Amount Possible against property

  • Maximum Loan Amount Possible basis income entitlement

  • Maximum repayment term possible and what suits the best

  • Rate of Interest

  • Processing Fees of Lender

  • Insurance: Mandatory/ Voluntary (Property/Life/Both)

  • Self Contribution Available for payment toward property at current stage and at latter stage, if under-construction property

  • Mortgage Charges and Formalities

  • Legal Charges, if any

  • Technical Charges, if any

  • Pre- Emi Policy of Lender

  • EMI repayment scheme or interest saving product.

  • Part and Full Prepayment Policies

  • Smooth processing and post disbursement services.

  • Least Documentary requirement

With our expertise we get you the best lender in the market according to your financial structure. We also help you determine an ideal loan amount repayment term and repayment product selection.